It’s Been A While!

Hey, everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve just been occupied with all the fun I’m having here in Germany. 😀 It’s been a great time so far. Language classes are draining considering I have 3 hours of it a day, and tests every Friday. At least we don’t have a final. The last couple of weeks I have gone to a couple of clubs with my friend Andrew, and we have certainly broke it down several times. Last week, we were ready to go to a wine festival in Hidelburg, but all the trains heading there from Frankfurt were cancelled, so we all came back and partied ourselves. The last week has all been about some fantasy football. Some of the students I that are from the program started a fantasy football league since, well, we wanted to. Certainly can’t leave everything American behind! Well, as for this week, we all start culture classes tomorrow. It’s gonna be real fun having 5 hours of classes a day starting at the generous hour of 9:00 all the way until 4. We are all certainly looking forward to that. I know I will considering it’s my only English speaking class I’ll have this entire semester… Anyways, I might need a Döner after that long day of work. They certainly are delicious! Can never get enough. Until next time!

Here are some pictures I took that last couple of weeks. Enjoy!!ImageImageImageImageImageImage


Zweite Tage

Kolner Cathedral

Kolner Dom

Hello everybody! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday! Can’t expect me to post everyday. I’m a busy boy “studying.” What can you expect? Anyways, I’ll get you all caught up. Yesterday, Oliver’s family and I dropped Caroline off to the airport because she was heading to Kansas yesterday (yuck!) Afterwards, Oliver took me to his sailing club, and I went sailing for the first time ever. It was loads of fun! Why can’t we have anything like that back home? Oh, yeah. That’s right. Because we have no lakes big enough for them boats, unfortunately. As for today, we went to Koln at the ideal hour of 8:00 am (way too early for me). We visited the Kolner Cathedral and drank coffee at a very European coffee house known as Starbucks… I had a warm caramel macchiato in a HUGE ceramic mug, so I guess that’s different. These Germans don’t like to be wasteful! Afterwards, we all drove to Oliver’s grandmother’s birthday party at a very fancy restaurant where I took my many years of German to practice, or at least I tried. It’s somewhat difficult to understand the locals considering their vaster vocabulary and quicker rate of expression. I’m trying to keep up though. Everyday it’s getting easier, and that’s the main reason I’m here: to better my German! Well, Tschuss!